Custom Work for Luxury Residential Renovations

Homeowners with styles and tastes that demand unique options for renovations will not have to search far if they live in the Calgary area. One award-winning company with over a decade of experience combines traditional craftsmanship with the latest in design technology to meet needs and appeal to desires when renovating a luxury or high-end home. The company, Kon-Strux, is a one-stop shop whether the project is a renovation or a new build.

Getting Started

The process begins with a free, in-home consultation to listen to homeowner ideas, dreams, and requirements for the project. The professional then discusses what is possible and what a general budget might look like. By the end of the consultation, homeowners know how the team works and can decide if this is the company they want working on the project.

Engagement Letter

The next step is an engagement letter signed by the homeowners to indicate that Kon-Strux is the professional contractor for the work to be completed. There is no deposit required at this time. Once that letter is signed, the assembly of the professional team goes forward. Those with the skills and specialties needed for the specific project will be chosen to ensure a perfect fit.

Drawing and Finish Selections

At this point, the team works with homeowners to create a list of materials and products needed so people know exactly what is going into their projects. This level of transparency goes above and beyond the standards for the industry. This is followed by the scope-of-work phase that provides clients with all the essential information and documents needed to begin the project. The budget presented in this paperwork is a detailed line-by-line estimate so there are no surprises.

Last Steps

The contract is reviewed. The budget is finalized. Contracts are signed, and work begins. A schedule is provided with timelines, contract requirements, and payment schedules. The company is flexible and can work around the schedules and lifestyles of homeowners. All workmanship is under warranty and serviced for two years following the project date of completion. Compare other contractors and renovation companies in the area and then give this company a call.


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